Sunday, September 21, 2014

Pumpkin Spice Cookies +Chocolate Chips

Pumpkin Spice Cookies
(+Chocolate Chips)

This is one of the easiest cookie recipes! Its an easy recipe to do with your kids because there's no extra messy things like eggs,butter,vanilla,etc. If you want to teach them about measuring this isn't a good recipe because all you do is dump it all in. 

Only 2 ingredients
 (3 if you add chocolate chips!) 

So don't blink or you'll miss it!

1 box of Spice Cake Mix
One (15oz) Can of Pumpkin 
(Optional Deliciousness)
1/2 a bag of Chocolate Chips of choice
(or less)

Preheat oven to 350°F
Mix cake mix and pumpkin together. 
(Optional) Fold in Choc. Chips

Spray cookie sheets
Fill it with dollips of yummy goodness.
(Note: They don't really get bigger or smaller so how they look when you put the dough on the tray is how they look when you take them out of the oven. Only cooked of course)
Bake for 10-15 mins

Let cool and eat all of them yourself before anyone smells them!;) (he he).

These are one of my favorite cookies. I prob ate 10 just writing this post (oops). They are light, fluffy, moist and every bite reminds me of a crisp autumn day.:) And they are low in calories so no guilt! In fact, I was thinking about throwing in some sweet potatoes puree to see what happens. I've seen ones with raisens, nuts, sunflower seeds, peanut butter chips, etc. 

And it doesn't have any eggs in it so feel free to eat half the dough before it makes it to the tray;)

Just a note: Spice Cake mix is hard to find in the Spring/Summer. It usually shows up around this time of year and clearances out by mid winter (if not sooner). Much like the Pumpkin Pie puree its more "seasonal". So I stock up when it goes on sale so when I get the craving I have the ingredients available.


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