Tuesday, March 29, 2016

American Girl Doll/Our Generation Doll Clothes &Accessories

 These are from Etsy but you could easily make them yourself. Pillow is just stuffing between 2 small pieces of fleece. Clipped&tied on the edges.

Below is super easy as well! You can pick up the bin at the Dollar Tree and likely the rest of the travel size supplies. If you have access to a silhouette,Cricut or other cutting machine you can easily cut the vinyl yourself.

Other ideas:
*Use premie clothes for your doll! Premier clothes fit great on my girls Our Generation Doll! Pick them up at garage sales,online, or in stores.
*Search Pinterest for free clothing patterns! -- If you are talented in the sewing department there are tons of great sewing patterns for free including: aprons, hats, shoes,slippers, pants,skirts,dresses,etc.
Some of my favorite sites to find free doll clothes patterns include:





 And there are SO many more out there! 
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