Monday, December 22, 2014

REVIEW--KISSMEmommy Prenatal Vitam

KISSMEMommy Prenatal Vitamins

So I've been using these prenatal vitamins for about a few weeks now and I have to say they are pretty great!
They have all the basic vitamins you need for you and baby+ my nails and hair have never looked better!
I honestly feel less sick when I take them which is awesome!
They don't have a nasty taste to them,which is always appreciated, and they are PINK! How fun is that!

So here are the specks on them:

"Who Else Wants to Glow? The Secret to Beautiful Hair, Skin and Nails
No longer alone inside your body? If you're not consuming the necessary vitamins and minerals, what you do take in is diverted to your growing baby, depleting your energy and causing stress on your appearance. KISSMEmommy PRENATAL ensures that no unnecessary sacrifices are being made, promising both you AND baby are nourished. 

  • SMALL CAPSULES for sensitive palates
    NO OVERPOWERING ODOR to cause stomach upset
    NO FALSE CLAIMS about ingredients or sourcing
    Contains ALL THE ESSENTIAL VITAMINS AND MINERALS for a healthy pregnancy

-Folic Acid helps prevent defects of the brain & spinal cord 
-Vitamins B-12 & B-6 combat morning sickness! 
-Calcium protects bone density for mommy while baby's bones are growing 
-Zinc is essential for the production, repair and function of DNA! 
-Iron helps you & baby's blood carry oxygen 
-Vitamin D reduces the risk of complications, including gestational diabetes, preterm birth & infection 
-Vitamin C bolsters the immune system 
-Thiamine (Vitamin B-1) aids in baby's brain development, as well as the normal function of the nervous system, muscles & heart 
-Riboflavin (Vitamin B-2) is essential for baby's growth, vision, healthy skin, plus bone, muscle & nerve development 
-Niacin (Vitamin B-3) is needed for baby's brain development, ensuring general health & emotional stability 
-Vitamin E (an antioxidant) is required for the proper function of many organs 
-Vitamin A supports embryonic growth!

Not Pregnant? You Can Still Glow!
The Best Women's Vitamin for Your Appearance
-Folic Acid is proven to promote hair growth and overall health 
-Vitamins B-6, B-12 and Zinc strengthen nails and improve shine - bye bye, brittle nails! 
-Vitamins C and E improve skin quality, giving you the confidence you deserve
We Offer a 100% RISK FREE No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee"

Here's where to buy them:

5 Stars from this expecting mom!!

Thursday, December 11, 2014

$1 Lid Organizer

So I discovered this clever trick quite on accident actually. I was putting away my lids and my cooling rack got put away in the wrong place. I set my lids in the cabinet on top of the rack and my brain sparked!
I set them between the slats and wahla! The PERFECT, CHEAP organizer for my lids was born! 

See, I had one, but it was too tall for my cabinets and it made it hard to get the lids in and out. Plus, all my small lids got lost and forgotten or were just too small to fit! Now every style and size fits perfectly and they are easy to find and grab. And yes, they all stay up great! Even the heavy ones! 

But the key is finding the right cooling rack! Guess where I got mine! Yep, The Dollar Tree! They come in a 2 pack! Score!

Its even great for Tupperware Lids!I bet you could even use it for casserole dishes and other pans...hmmm...

So there you have it! The life hack of the week. 

The $1 Lid Organizer that fits any shelf!

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Free! Maze Generator!

I discovered this cool new site! 

It generates custom mazes for instant download in PDF form! Free! So easy!
This will be my secret weapon when working on my maze quiet book pages!;)
It even has a page that shows it solved.


Friday, December 5, 2014

REVIEW-Smart Weigh TOP2KG Digital Pro Pocket Scale

Smart Weigh TOP2KG Digital Pro Pocket Scale with Tare, Hold and PCS Functions 2000 x 0.1g 


This little pocket scale packs a huge punch! It has tons of features and at first I was sceptical that it would preform as good as a bigger scale, but I was pleasantly surprised! I actually liked that it was smaller! It takes up a lot less space and would be easy to bring with me if I wanted to. "Pocket" size is pretty accurate. Its only 6.5" in the box! And only 5" out of the box!

 And guess what else is included! Ya! Batteries! Shocker right!
Now, I do have to say it would be nice to have an alternative power source, but then again it saves electricity and makes it truly portable this way. Plus, its not something I use every single day so its actually nice to not have to fight with cords!
 It only takes up a small amount of space in my kitchen drawer+*****! 
This is a huge deal to me! I hate having to store my "extra" cooking tools on top my cabinets because there's not room anywhere else! One less thing I need the step stool for.
So what do I use this little thing for you ask?
Well, you know when your making rice krispies and it calls for 10 Oz's of marshmallows and you have a 16oz bag?! I'm always having to guess! Now I dont have to! Just whip this little firecracker out and bam! 
  It's also fantastic for other uses outside of the kitchen. Such as weighing things for shipping or packaging. It is small, so it does have limits, but it also has 2 covers you can put on it to help expand the weighing surface.
How about for making soap? Or candles? How about for making that perfect burger every time! Mmmmm yes!
Or for making sure you have just the right amount of fruit for that new recipe.
 It also has many different units to choose from (ounces,grams,and about 10 other fancy options I have no idea how to use!) 
And do you see this display! Its bold and bright! You can actually SEE it unlike some ive used!

 And for those crafter's and small business owners out there this is perfect for figuring out how many ounces or grams are in the packages your selling. It also has a cool counting feature, which I don't fully understand, but sounds cool. Basically it counts how many items are on there (I think?:/)
Anyway, long story short, this little scale is awesome! And whether you're looking for a unique gift for that "foodie" you know or that crafty autrapanuer out there look no further! 
Oh ya! Did I mention how fast the shipping is!? And that you can order it on Amazon!?
Ya, sweet! Just click HERE or click on the picture below to snag your own!
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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Book Review--"My Favorite Animal: Dogs"

Book Review
"My Favorite Animal: Dogs"

As many of you might know I have 3 girls. Ages 4,3 and 1. My 1 year old LOVES dogs! She sees,hears or hear the word dog and her whole face lights up and she starts panting like a dog! So this was clearly her favorite book! 
My 2 oldest have been asking for a dog for awhile and this was great to teach them the basic facts about dogs.

I loved how after each section there are little quizes to help your child remember what you/they just read. It's never too early to start incorporating education!
The photos in the book were fantastic and everything was easy to read and understand. Not too long or too short.
The list price isn't too bad, quick& easy download.

Mom and kids happy=
5 stars!!
I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.