Thursday, December 11, 2014

$1 Lid Organizer

So I discovered this clever trick quite on accident actually. I was putting away my lids and my cooling rack got put away in the wrong place. I set my lids in the cabinet on top of the rack and my brain sparked!
I set them between the slats and wahla! The PERFECT, CHEAP organizer for my lids was born! 

See, I had one, but it was too tall for my cabinets and it made it hard to get the lids in and out. Plus, all my small lids got lost and forgotten or were just too small to fit! Now every style and size fits perfectly and they are easy to find and grab. And yes, they all stay up great! Even the heavy ones! 

But the key is finding the right cooling rack! Guess where I got mine! Yep, The Dollar Tree! They come in a 2 pack! Score!

Its even great for Tupperware Lids!I bet you could even use it for casserole dishes and other pans...hmmm...

So there you have it! The life hack of the week. 

The $1 Lid Organizer that fits any shelf!

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