Sunday, December 6, 2015

Gifts for Less!

Christmas gifts for Cheap! 

My nieces are very artistic and go through a ton of blank paper! So I decided to whip out my laminator and laminate a few "blank" pieces of paper they can use over and over again! Of course I wanted to get them started so I put these phrases on here. I also got them a Doodle Tin from Usborne Books and some dry erase markers from the dollar store to go with them! You could also pair them with some dry erase crayons (which work AWESOME!)

I'm in the process of making a jewelry drop tray for my other nieces. You can use thrift store plates, buy them new (The Dollar Tree is a great place to start--thats where I got the crystal ones. The floral ones are Pioneer Woman from Walmart. They are about $4.80 a piece there). I'll prob paint the under side of the clear ones. Permanent paint pens, spray paint, acylic paint?

The candle holders that separate the plates are from a thrift store. And I'll be using E6000 glue to adhere them to the plates!
I haven't decided on the arrangement of the plates yet.
Another idea is to use those silver trays from the Dollar Tree.