Saturday, June 29, 2013

Recent DIY Projects

I love how this Brush Holder turned out! I did regular pockets instead of clear and my customer requested the "towel" fabric to wipe off her brushes. Otherwise I would have just used cotton. Oh, by the way, my lovely Mother made this! I only designed it! She's simply magic!

We got this swimsuit for my daughter but it was WAY too low cut so my amazing Mother (again) saved the day and whipped up the cute little frills! I didn't get a picture of it on her but it's ADORABLE let me tell ya!

Being around paint right now (I'm prego) isn't very fun. So again my Mother saved the day and redid this sewing cabinet for me!
And wahla! She's also fixing up the sewing machine for me! I'm SOOO Excited!! Ya, can anyone say Best Mother EVER!
The paint color on this was from Ace Hardware-Its called "Poolside Blue" It's actually a Benjamin Moore color but I had it mixed into the Clark+Kensington base because I already had that base. It can change the color slightly when you do that but it was spot on in this case!:) I had the Interior/Latex/Flat Enamel & then added a clear top coat.
Again, another cute "just whipped this up" from Grandma! She wanted to make her PJ bottoms into shorts so she cut the legs off and said, hey these would be perfect to make skirts! So AWESOME transformation from pant leg to skirt!:)

So here's another amazing redo from my mother! She surprised me by doing it while I was gone! TOTALLY love it! I need to put the before on here but I need to find the pic first!
A little rope for the pulls and this whole project was MAYBE $0.50-$1.00 total! 
We got a quart of paint for free from Ace Hardware during some event they were having, got it tinted to the color we wanted for free, and had the rope on hand already. And the actual "dresser" was inherited so nearly no cost to us! I forgot to add the color paint is Clark+Kensington in "Moody Blue" (67-D) from Ace Hardware.
And it's a Interior/Latex/Flat Enamel. I believe she added a clear top coat too to prevent scratching.

All finished! (Special thanks to my dad for putting the pulls on:)