Monday, September 15, 2014

Leaf Pressing

 Fall leaf pressing

This is easy and fun. Here's the How to-
Step 1-Gather your materials:
*Leaves (Any shape or color. Make sure they are flat and use ones that aren't too dry and crunchy or they will crumble.)
*Wax Paper
*Old broken crayons (optional)
*Hot, dry iron
*ironing board with towel on it to protect it from getting covered in crayon. Might be smart to put a hand towel on top your project as well to protect your iron but if you're careful you'll prob be fine.

Step 2--Arrange leaves on desired piece of wax paper. Make sure there's either enough room to fold it in half or have a identical piece ready for the top. You can cute the waxpaper into a shape previous to arranging leaves or arrange the leaves into a shape then cut after ironing. You can also plug in your iron and make sure its NOT set on steam (it needs to be dry) at this point.

Step 3--Optional--Use a butter knife or scissors to carefully shave pieces of crayon on top or below the leaves making sure the shavings are at least 1/2-1 inch away from the edge so when melted they don't ooz out the sides. This adds a little more color and seems to make things stick together a little better.

Step 4--Fold the wax paper (or place 2nd piece on top) and iron until everything is melted and sticking together.

That easy! Cut into any shape you want. Bookmarks, hearts, whatever!

May I also add that you can do this project with just the crayon shavings too!

Education add in:
Add a little education by teaching them which leaves come from which trees and asking them which is their favorite and why. Check out a few books from the library about leaves, trees, and fall.

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