Monday, October 21, 2013

Silhouette Money Saver

I thought I'd share a few tips, tricks& how to's about how to use your Silhouette Cameo! You can save a LOT by making your own stencils, fabric appliqu├ęs, cards, vinyl quotes, etc. 

Here are a few basics to start with-
Silhouette Blog:

Free Shape of the Week (main silhouette website)

From there u can find the shape of the week, go to the online digital download store, get ideas& see new items!
Want to save a LOT of money on dingbats, fonts& shapes? 

How to find shapes (otherwise known as dingbats), fonts &SVG files for free:
You can simply search google by using key words like :
Free SVG files
Free Dingbats
Free Fonts
You can also search Pinterest
(Here's my Silhouette Cameo Board you can follow: 

You can also find free ones at the following websires&blogs:
SVG Files:

Using SVG files with your Silhouette:

Here are some other great resources for saving money!
This one talks about the Cricut machine but I found some of the tips& tricks applied to my silhouette as well:

Here's a whole list of tutorials for your Silhouette:

Here's how to cut fabric. It uses the Cricut but the process is the same. 

Here's the same process for the Silhouette:
Here's a YouTube video as well:

Keep in mind YouTube is also a great resource to search how to videos on how to do just about anything on your silhouette. I know the Silhouette website has videos too.

Here's how to cut vinyl with your Silhouette:
Blog Tutorials:
Without mat-

Extra large vinyl cuts-
With Silhouette vinyl kit-

Again just search and ye shall find!:)

How to make a stencil with your silhouette:
I've seen several ways to do this. 
You can either cut out your stencil using card 
stock or one time use ones by cutting out vinyl. Or 
you can use clear binder covers. 
The binder covers will keep their shape and 
last a little longer. It's also better for those big projects
that require you to tape up your stencil.

Here is a tutorial here on making the binder cover ones:
HOW TO TRACE AND IMAGE/FILE and SAVE IT as an SVG or whatever you want! I haven't tried putting the file onto the Silhouette software yet, but I'm assuming it would work! 
Just go to:
This is the easiest, best program I've found for doing this and to make your own Subway art, flyers, business cards, fb banners, blog headers, etc! It's simply amazing and super simple! It's exactly how I wish all my other programs worked! You can go to the learn tab on their site and see how to do everything. Here's a video as well:)
<iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="270" src="//" width="480"></iframe>

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