Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Odd recipes that will change your life!

So these might seem like very weird recipes but I must tell you that my whole family is very picky (including myself) and these are both AMAZING! Not to mention EASY! 

So the first is a new one for me and its kind of a "sneaky chef" kind of recipe! I NEVER thought I'd put VEGETABLES in my hot cocoa but guess what! I did! And it was awesome! Lets just say both my girls wanted a second cup too! Ya! 
So I got this recipe from this book:

And here is the "secret" recipe:

So guess what I did for the sweetpotato  puree!? I used BABY FOOD:) (Shocking pause here) Yep! After all, Sweet Potato baby food is just puréed veggies! And I used pumpkin spice and ya, lets just say it tasted like chocolate chip pumpkin spice cookies in liquid form. If you can imagine that. :)

So here's another mind blower some of you may have heard about.

It's just 3 ingredients:
1 jar/bottle of chili sauce
1 jar of purple grape jelly (small one)
1 bag of frozen meatballs

Throw all in a pot on the stove until soft or for Sundays throw in the crock pot on low for 2-3 hrs:) 
These might look nasty but they are a mouthful of goodness!
I guess you could be sneaky by adding some puréed veggies to this recipe as well! If you try it tell me what you think!

So has your mind been blow yet!? It should have! I'll be posting some more yummy stuff soon! 

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