Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Frozen Chicken Genius

We are all about saving a buck at our place! Which means we wait until meat is at it's lowest and then stock up! We recently stocked up on Chicken Breasts. We usually buy from the butcher counter because its not only fresher but it is usually cheaper than the frozen or pre packaged kind. You can get it wrapped in whatever weight increment you want but my husband has come up with a GENIUS idea to make freezing, storing& thawing a LOT easier! It's so genius I had to share! 
It's simple:
Wrap each piece of chicken in plastic wrap (we used a high quality restaurant plastic wrap from Sam's Club but not sure if it has to be the high temp/low temp tolerant kind or not? try and see!) then layer into a gallon bag! 
We butterfly and cut off the fat before doing this, but you don't have to. This process also makes portioning into 10 different bags a thing of the past! And it saves $ on gallon bags because you can throw them all into one bag and then just pop however many you need out of the bag! And sense they're individually wrapped I don't see why you couldn't reuse the gallon bag too saving even more $!
The plastic wrap also seems to keep the chicken fresher and doesn't get freezer burn as easily. Win all around! 

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