Thursday, October 17, 2013

Coffee Filter Flowers

We had a huge package of coffee filters for some reason? We don't even drink coffee so it must have been for some craft or something. Anyway, my daughters love to play with them for some reason so I thought we could actually make something with them instead of just having them making a mess all over the house. 
Alli actually first said,"Look mom i made a flower." And sure enough she had! That's what made me think of the old craft of making coffee filter flowers! I looked up on Pinterest how to dye them but I had already figured it out before I looked so I didn't really use a particular pin/post. 

It's very simple:
What you'll need-
•Large coffee filters
•Food coloring
•Cookie Sheet to let flowers dry on
You can also choose to use floral tape and stems to make them look real but we didn't. 

Fill a bowl about half way full (or less it doesn't take much)
Drop in food coloring according to the egg dying instructions. Or just eyeball it! Get out cookie sheet and set everything aside. You can do this after making the flowers too makes no difference. :)
To make the flowers you just:
1. Fold filter in half
2. Roll filter loosely until it forms a flower
3. Twist the end (towards the flap/opening to make them fuller)
Then to dye them just dip the very tips of the flowers in the dye/water solution and tip up to allow dye to seep down to stem and on "peddles". You can also use a spoon and drip it on the flowers. If your child dips the whole thing don't worry it will just take longer to dry. You can squeeze some of the excess out to help as well. Then just set them on the tray, foil, plate or whatever you're using for them to dry on. Metal is best so it doesn't stain though. 
Anyway, just dip and let dry. If you can, put them on the tray upside down so the dye drips to the tips of the peddles. It took all night for ours to dry but my daughter soaked hers. Once they dry you can add stems or do whatever you want!
We had a green bowl, a red bowl& a purple bowl. The purple had alot of blue so it made a cool tie dye affect. The red makes a pink flower unless u have a LOT of red food coloring! And we dipped some in both purple& green mixtures to add even more color. I think they turned out GREAT!


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