Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Discount Books that are NEW!

 I'm So excited about our new books!! I got all these books (8-a couple have like 6 in one book so really it's like getting 18-20 books!) For only $25 shipped to my door! These are nice, brand new or scratch and dent (see pictures for the scratches and dents. Um ya, that would happen in 2 seconds at my house haha)
Here's how I got this awesome deal:
Go here and sign up for an account on bookoutlet with my referral code and you get $5 to spend (I get $5 after u make ur first purchase):http://referral.bookoutlet.com/224131107187073024

After you sign up go to Ebates and sign up for awesome deals and cash back on your online purchases! Right now bookoutlet.com has 10% cash back! They also have referral perks and usually gift cards for first time users. If you have an account already you know it's awesome sauce! They have a thing where you can have a chance to win a trip to Disneyland for refering people.Click my link here: http://www.ebates.com/rf.do?eeid=29935&referrerid=Gm%2FR17hoq6ONg4Duqeee8Q%3D%3D
And just search for bookoutlet.com and click and shop! I even got cash back on gift cards on this site!
So you'll get $5 to spend at bookoutlet.com and free stuff and cash back on ebates. You'll save even more than me! Sweet!
They run good sales and deals all the time and they have adult to baby books to coloring books to sticker books to educational so there's something for everyone!

*I'll post prices soon!*

IF you want FREE Books though, check out hosting a Usborne Book Party!

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