Friday, September 23, 2016

FREE Printable Homeschool Planner!!

***UPDATE!!: I have created more planner options and have taken off the date so you can use them year after year. I'd love to hear feedback about them! See link below***

Well, I couldn't find a planner that was the right fit for me. So I have set out to create my own. I am sharing my pages with all of you wonderful people! PLEASE, please, PLEASE do NOT sell these for your own personal gain! I want to continue to provide awesome printable planners and other projects for all of you and I won't do that if I find out that my hard work is being sold for profit! I offer these printable's for free because I want everyone to enjoy them at little to no cost! So please be respectful of this. That being said please direct people back to this post to download and don't share the PDF file or google drive doc, word doc, etc. by itself. I want everyone to see all the great printable's I offer here! So just copy the link above and share away!

Here is the Printable Homeschool Planner I'm working on:

And here's the link to my google drive folder so you can download and snag your own for FREE! You can also click on one of the photos above. I also have b&w versions so it doesn't suck up as much ink. But having something "pretty" is so much easier to open right!?
 Just choose the ones you want and print! 
Or you can edit a lot of them so you can just type in what your schedule is for the week and print it or do like I do and pull it up on word or google docs and keep it open all week so when you don't get that particular thing done you can just cut and paste it into a different section! We tend to have a lot on the schedule at the beginning and if we don't get things done that day or I change plans because the fall leaves changed or the apples are ripe or whatever the case may be. But I also like to have a general plan for the year/week/month.

I add more pages all the time so check back for more goodies in the future!
Here's what I have on my agenda still:
* Different style student planner
*Scripture study journal sheets
*More cover choices
*More background choices
*More of the 2 on 1 page (5x7 pages) so you can create a "travel size" planner. 

If there is anything you'd like to see included please let me know! Any other colors you'd like?

Please let me know what you think! 

P.S. Here is just one of the amazing videos about creating your own book binding over on the SeaLemon YouTube channel!
You can use any of these methods to bind your 2 page planner or evenot single paged planners.
Here's a simple saddle stitched one.
Or do a diy spiral bound method!

You can also just take it into a local Staples store and get it spiral bound for you, but that's no fun ;)

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