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Laminated Quiet Book

Laminated and MAGNETIC 
Quiet Books
I made 3 quiet books. 
One is for my oldest daughter (for school)
The 2nd is for my 4 year old (for school)
and the 3rd is the travel, church, "fun" one.

I printed this off HERE. She is a genius! She has a Pre-K, Kinder, etc. Daily Learning Notebook Pages. So great for homeschooling or just to have fun things for your Pre-K to do that is educational too.

This letter game I found HERE. I chose to do the blank one so I could do letters I knew my daughter needed to work on and such. But she has other ones that are already filled in and colorful too!
This printable is from Confessions of a Homeschooler as well! The link is for all her printables! 

Things I used to create my quiet books:

1. Scotch Laminating Machine
(like $25 at Walmart. Mine was around $50 but I chose to get the little nice one. HERE's the link to mine.) or other laminating machine. I have really liked mine a lot!
2. Laminating Sheets (Amazon was the cheapest. I used 3 mil with no problems)

3. Magnetic Primer (Walmart $20-$30 a can. A little goes a long way!)--did you know you can also use it on your walls and paint any color over it!? Um ya, genius!
4. Worksheets, coloring pages, stickers, post cards, paper dolls, school work books, sharing time books, file folder games, and anything elose you might find that you can use for your quiet book!
I'll put links to the ones I found and used and where I found things.
Here are also some links to my own personal printables which can be used to create your quiet book (for personal use only of course!)

5. A 3 ring punch--essential for making your Laminated pages easy to put into your binder. I already had one so I didn't need to get a new one.

6. A 3 ring binder (or several if you go crazy like me. Whatever size you'd like.) They aren't much at walmart especially in the fall when school supplies are out. But I have also gotten some at garage sales and thrift stores as well.

7. Clear page protectors-- They are only $5 for 50 count at Walmart (if you choose not to laminate or don't have a laminator)

6. Dry erase crayons
(I got mine on clearance and on Amazon--This is a really good price usually they are around $6 a box.. You can also get them in bulk at various school supply places and on orientialtrading.com)

7. Dry erase markers (if you use page protectors instead of laminating. I get the kind from the Dollar Tree that are both magnetic and have the lids with the eraser on them.)
These are like I get at the Dollar Tree in a 3 or 4 pack.

8. A printer (if you don't go somewhere to get things printed or choose to just use work books)

9. Magnet strips or I used the thinner magnet sheets that you stick on the back of pictures, but I think the strips work better because the magnet is stronger and still stick to the back. I like to look for these things at Garage Sales and Thrift Stores too.

10. Scissors

11. Binder pouches
To hold all the small pieces, markers, crayons,etc. (I picked up a bunch for super cheap, like $0.50 each for the thinner ones and $1.99 each for the nicer thicker, zipper ones, at Walmart in the fall when they have all the school supplies out)

OK, now on to the fun part!
I started out playing with my new Laminator. I printed off some chore chart cards to put on the fridge for my older girls. My friend made a bunch and shared the link to others she used too. I'll have to find the link so you can print them too.
I print and cut out the pieces then Laminated them and put magnets on the back. So easy!

I then started on my quiet book pieces. 
This is the cupcake counting one and the road signs one. I wanted somewhat educational ones that were still fun! 
The hardest part is cutting everything out.

And then cutting them out AGAIN

Here's the bottom part of the page. 
Note that you could just put magnets or velcro on the pages and backs and call it good, but I recommend the magnetice paint! So if you want to use magnetic paint you have to paint the backs of the pages BEFORE you laminate them. Ya, I didn't discover the magnetic paint until later so I actually painted it on top on some of these earlier ones. It works great, but it looks nicer when you can't see it at all.

I picked up a bunch of binder pouches at walmart around school supply time in the fall. Both are great!

Here you can see I did these correctly and put the magnetic paint on the back of the pages!

This shows the magnet on the back.
Pouches in use

I found these cool travel printables HERE
And license plate one HERE.

I put mine in my pouches. Sorry no pic!

I picked up this search and find book at the Dollar Tree and took it apart.
HERE's where I found this idea. She has some printables too!

I got this armor of God one from my mother in law. It's actually like a fabric type thing. But I just colored, Laminated the pieces and put magnets paint on the back. I put this one in a page protectors instead of laminating because it was thicker. You could do this to all your pages and just stick each pages pieces in the page protectors so they are all together. But my girls tend to use them in the car and tip the book a lot soon ya.
This was a cute page I found. I printed off another page that I just cut the animals out of and I'll put the animals on top. Anyway
This was a page I forgot to do the magnet paint on until after I laminated it. I just painted on the lamination and they can use it as a scene or just to put random pieces on.
See, here's another I forgot. I got creative and just did the paint on the numbers and as dots. Hehe

This is the back of one of my scenes. I did magnetic paint on one page then put a blank piece of paper on the back and Laminated them together so there would be a blank page they could draw anything they'd like or play with magnetic pieces as they wanted.
Here's one of my scenes. It's a Google Image I found. I search for my little pony scenes or something like that. I also use it for there hello kitty pieces.
My daughter made a scene.
Just FYI, don't use dry erase markers on the laminated pages. It does not come off very well at all! The dry erase crayons work awesome on everything though!
HERE's the link to this printable I-Spy Game!
I just searched for Travel Game Printables on Pinterest and got a TON of printables and ideas for my travel binder!

My castle scene (else and Annas castle I believe)
I just searched Google for some images

At our library they have these fun kits that usually have file fold games in them with pages you can copy  and make your own. I also found some online and at DI. They are awesome for this project!

These I printed off online.
HERE's another cute ice cream number matching one!

This shows that i used the magnet paint right on the laminated pages.

Ice cream color matching game HERE
I also used the other summer matching games!

There's a word bingo generator I used for this one! www.sightwords.com

I printed the left one off lds.org (coloring book) and the letter M one from www.abcmouse.com (which is awesome btw!!)
I believe I found this one either at walmart or the Dollar Tree but you can use any stickers!
I also used these Frozen postcard trading card things for the scenes. JoAnne's on clearance.

I got this giant sticker book on Ebay. My daughter loves it and it has activities plus like 6 pages of bonus stickers! You could easily tear pages out and laminate the stickers,etc. But they are double sided pages so ya.
I also just took apart some Dollar Tree school workbooks and put them in page protectors for my kindergarten girls school book. Dry erase markers and dry erase crayons work great on these pages!

And this was one I found in a old sharing time book I found at DI. (Thrift store)
It has gumballs with scripture book names on them so they can choose a gumball each day for scripture time.it says to give them a piece of gum and when the flavor is gone you are done reading. Pretty cute.

So there you have it! My very easy, no sew quiet books revealed!
If you have any questions please let me know! And I would LOVE to see your quiet books!!

There are no affiliate links in this post. I am not being compensated for any links in this post. Please do not sell or use any printable in this post for commercial gain or use. These are for personal use ONLY.



(the have lots of free stuff as well as paid stuff!)



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