Thursday, October 2, 2014

Organizing on a Budget-Custom Covered Storage Boxes

This is a simple project that can cost you little to nothing!

Materials needed:

*Adhesive Shelf Liner--This can be found at most Dollar Stores (Dollar Tree, Honks,etc) as well as at Walmart. They have all different patterns and lengths.

*Scissors, exacto knife or box cutter
( Prob not your nice sewing scissors like shown above though!)

*Boxes of all shapes and sizes. You could cut the bottom off a cereal box, use an old shoe box, the lid or bottom of a old gift box, even a bigger packing box or diaper box. Whatever you might want for your particular organizing project. Whether its for a shelf or drawer.

*Pen or marker--optional

How to:

Step 1:
Take your box and cut it down if need be by using a roller and marking where you want to cut all the way around. You could just eye ball it too. If your using a gift box or shoe box you can skip this step.
For the diaper boxes I cut the flaps off and reinforced the corners with boxing tape

Step 2:
Measure twice, cut once.
Roll out your shelf liner a little and place your box on it. Just hold/fold it up and around your box to decide how much you need. This will vary depending on if you want to cover the inside as well as the outside or just the outside. Sense my gift box has a lid I will prob skip the inside. But my other one I will line the inside so it looks nicer on the shelf.

Step 3:
Cut you liner off the roll where need be.

Step 4:
Place your box on the back of the shelf liner in the middle making sure all side will cover the outside and be able to fold into the inside a little. You can also choose to guess how much you will need for the inside as well making sure there's a little more than you might think so it can overlap with the outside.

Step 5:
Just go crazy covering your box! I do the inside first then then outside, but its total preference.
 You can be more picky and cut each side making sure they overlap on all corners or just freestyle it. Just take it slow. You could also cut it so you go inside then outside. There's no real exact science:)
The shelf liner is extremely forgiving! You can easily unpeal from itself or the box and redo it.
On the ones with handles I covered the handle hole then made an X and folded it in. If you aren't covering the inside (like I did for the sheet closet organizers) you will likely need to use some clear packing tape to hold down the shelf liner on the inside of the box as it won't stay sticked down when its curved over the edges.

Step 6:
Add details such as a rope handle or a label. This step is completely optional. To make a rope handle make a hole with your scissors or exacto knife and stick each end in the holes. Tie the ends inside the box in a knot and melt ends with a lighter if desired.



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