Friday, October 3, 2014

Simple Fall Decor

I love Fall! Have I mentioned that before? :)
Here are a few simple Fall Decor ideas for you! Some you may have or can make or find easily.
 One of the easiest Autumn Decor ideas is of course pumpkins and gords! These were like $3 at Walmart and they had all different kinds. You could let your kids draw on them if you want:)

 You could whip up a cute chevron table runner! Or buy one. Here's one here and a bunch here

And I have a tutorial coming soon for these cute bumpkin bags!!
Get some foam gords at the local craft store and put them in a glass cup or jar. A mason jar or a big glass one with a lid would be fun!
Simple decor on a corner shelf. Check after Halloween for great deals on decor!

If you have the talent of being a good seamstress you could try your hand at making a cute applique quilt like this and put on banister, hang on the wall, or put on the back of your couch.
You can make or buy a cute wreath and hang on door,wall or mantel. There are many ideas for simple DIY wreaths on Pinterest!

Make or buy some simple cloth napkins or a table cloth. Again, check for sales!
Window clings can be used all over the house! Not just for windows but doors, the fridge, microwave,etc. If you have a silhouette or cricut machine you could cut some cute ones out of vinyl. 

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