Friday, February 7, 2014

Extra Cheesy, Extra Yummy Mac&Cheese!

I made some super yummy Mac-n-cheese today! I just eyeballed it amd threw stuff in so I just guessed on the amounts! Here's what I used:

4-5oz Velveta Cheese Cubed
2-3oz Cream Cheese Cubed
1/2-1cup Shredded Colby Jack Cheese
1/2-2cups Milk (I used 2%-do 1/2 cup then see if you need more!)
Leftover Ham-bite size-optional
Could use chicken, bacon or no meat (so much better with it though! Cook it of course!)
2-3 cups (About half a box?) of cooked pasta of choice 
(I used mini rigatoni-aka mini bow tie pasta)

Melt all the "cheeses" and milk together in saucepan stirring constantly until its all melted. Add meat and pasta, stir& serve! 


Serving Size is about 4? It fed me, my husband and 2 toddlers. 

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