Thursday, April 18, 2013

Money Saving Soaps & Lotions

I've been busy saving money the past month! Here are a few ways I did this:

1. I made my own bar soap. I got melt&pour and added essential oils to make custom, non toxic, natural soap! It was super easy& I can customize it with any scent, color, or add a little oatmeal or lavender! Possibilities are endless& it actually saves a little $! I got my ingredients& instructions from
I used recycled containers instead of buying molds too and they turned out great!!
I got my recipe from

2. I made my own whipped Shea Butter. I made a TON and did 2 different scents. I used a couple jars& put labels on them for a nice gift too! I didn't even use all the Shea butter I got so ya! It was just coconut oil, Shea butter& essential oil of your choice, whip together & you have a nice lotion that's great for even the driest skin! I got my recipe from the Soap Queen (via and the ingredients from ! I got my recipe from
Click HERE for the direct link to the recipe I used

3. I made my own body wash/hand soap! All it takes is a bar of soap ( I used a bar of soap I made but u can use your fav natural bar of soap-Amazon is a great source), vegetable glycerin- liquid (you can get at your local drug store or off amazon. i got mine on amazon for a great price!) and 1 gal distilled water (or boil tap water or use a osmosis system , if you have one great!) Then just gather jugs/containers to store it all in. I used milk Jugs, water jugs& soap dispensers, but you can use glass containers or jars too! This is where I got the recipe:

You can just search Pinterest for recipes too! There's a ton of recipes for homemade soaps, lotions, and even deodorant on there!
If I can do these things so can you! They were fun, easy, had no SLS or harmful chemicals and saved money! Can't go wrong! :)

All of my soaps and lotions

Shower Gel & Hand Soap

Above: Melt&Pour Soap in Wipes container--Lemongrass one. Half with Oatmeal on top
Below: Bar Soap (Lavender ones). I used old mushroom containers for these (the blue plastic ones) and the round one was just some plastic packaging I found lying around.

You can download labels at
or search Pinterest. I think these were from Pinterest.

A look at the Whipped Shea Butter making process
Note: The higher quality shea butter like the one pictured works better for this project.

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  1. It looks like you had so much fun, and I love the cute little jars that you use to store your body butter in! =)