Thursday, April 18, 2013

Key Fob Tutorial

Key Fob Tutorial

What you will need:
You can get the jump rings and clips at just about any craft store. I got mine at Walmart in a big bag. and the clips at JoAnn's with 50% off coupon!
STEP 1: Cut Fabric and Ribbon to desired length
(see picture above for measurements)
I used an old fabric swatch for this one. But you can use any scraps you have around. Cotton Fabric works best, but you can use a thicker fabric like this one too.

STEP 2: Iron fabric strip under until it barely overlaps/touches
Make sure you put it on the ribbon to see if you ironed it under the right amount. You want just enough of the ribbon showing but overlapping underneath too much will cause it to be "bumpy" sometimes so be careful. I did this one with a cotton fabric as you can see.

Above is an adult one. Below is a childs size.
STEP 3: I don't have a picture for this one but it's pretty cut & dry. Just sew the fabric onto the ribbon. You can pin it if you need to.
STEP 4: Fold 1 end of fabric/ribbon around/over the jump ring/key chain and sew a line or 2 across it to hold it into place. You can do both ends together if you want but it's a bit trickier and slips alot. So do the key ring end then bring over the other end and fold it under ( not like I messed up but the right way! SEE BELOW)

STEP 5: Fold other end IN towards the loop and sew through all layers making 2 lines like shown.
STEP 6: You will have 2 ribbons showing on the inside if you do it right. Just trim any excess off and you're done!
I wanted to show you that you can also use 2 smaller pieces of fabric or whatever and sew them together then sew them onto the ribbon also. I'm sure you could do something like adding 2 layers or adding a frill if you wanted to get really creative. This one is actually more of a vinyl fabric so I didn't need to fold it under. You could use any kind of fabric. Ones that don't fray like jersey save you a step too, but I'm not sure how that one would work out.

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