Sunday, March 9, 2014

Frozen Birthday Party (On a Budget)

My 4 year old daughter LOVES the new Disney movie Frozen! But spending $100 on a cake and decorations, etc was NOT an option! So I set out to find inspiration on Pinterest! 
I found some great Pins but the one that I used the most was this post:
It has the recipe for the sugar crystals and the inspiration for my cake but I did mine very differently. 

I used 2 white cake mixes. 
I dyed 1 mix purple (used food coloring) and put it into a rectangle 13x9 glass casserole dish. Make sure you grease and flour the pans good or they will stick& fall out in pieces like mine did! Learn from my mistake! If it does get messed up you can piece it together& cover it all up later!
The next 2 layers were made with 2 round pans. (you can use two 8in or 9in round pans) I used one white cake mix and split it into 2 pans. Pour half into 1 pan then color what's left in your mixing bowl with 3-5 drops of blue food coloring, stir, and put into other round pan. Bake all cakes according to instructions making sure you grease& flour good!

Let cakes cool a little then flip over out of pans. I put my 13x9 one right onto a big cookie sheet with foil (the one i was building the cake on) and the 2 round ones on a cooling rack or plate.While they continue to cool put a piece of bread on top each so they don't dry out! This totally works trust me!

I put a blue swirl in this one. I cut out a circle out of the middle for the top layer but you can leave it big too. My 2 year old got into mine and ate around the whole outside anyway so I had to improvise! 

Put your cakes in the fridge until your ready to assemble your cake. You can stack them then put into fridge if you want to. 

I did marshmallow fondant on my whole thing. I used this post to make mine:
I had plenty to make all the figures and cover the cake with extra to spare! If you buy the figurines you will obviously have lots to spare! (I couldn't find any here at last min but you can prob find the Frozen Busy Book online or at Walmart with all the figures!) 
Here are the marshmallow fondant figures i made. I just googled pictures of them and did my best!
"Marshmallow"- I used toothpicks to hold him together and some small sugar crystal pieces for the teeth and such.

Olaf is made of fondant too put together with toothpicks. I used food coloring to make the different colors. Brown was the trickiest. Just add all the colors together until it comes out right. The carrots of course dye accordingly 
If you can't find them you can find tons of free Frozen Clipart here:
Or printable Elsa& Anna that stand up here:

So I also made sugar crystals to make the castle. I used blue food coloring to dye the sugar. 
I put mine on sprayed, crinkled foil to give the crystals that "cracked" look. I also added silver& blue sprinkles but it didn't really sparkle like I wanted it to so kind of pointless. 

Find instructions to make the sugar crystals here:

And you can see how I put it all together here: 
I just stuck the pictures onto the crystals. It was plenty sticky.
Now just roll out a bunch of the white fondant until its bigger than your cake, lay it over, smooth it to the cake and decorate!
I also did other cute snacks& decorations!

Now, for decorations& other snacks!
I made some signs (ill attach printable soon), got the silver trays at the Dollar Tree for $1 a piece, got the poster for $5 and put it in a poster frame I had on hand, filled some large vases (found at walmart& from garage sales) with Silver, blue& purple ornaments I had on hand. You can find them on clearance after Christmas or use ones you have on hand or ask a friend. I framed a few clip arts from the I shared above,  and the blue tub has party favors in it. The tub & bags& favors all came from The Dollar Tree. You can also find things at Walmart & on
You can find printable banners on Pinterest or find cheap ones at the Dollar store or Walmart. Me& my mother actually made this one out of fabric so we could reuse it over& over again!
Just use your Cricut or Silhouette machine to cut out the letters and iron them on using heat n bond. We used binding for the ties and just cut out triangles using a templet made from cardboard. Easy! 

I cut out some snowflakes and made some 4D ones too (instructions found here:)

I used purple plates & teal napkins (Walmart) & served blueberry/strawberry jello and some extra sugar crystals. 

Water bottles with cute "Melted Olaf" labels on them! ( ill post printables soon)

Purple or blue punch- I used sprite with huckleberry ice cream but you could also put blue food coloring in sprite and add vanilla ice cream. Or you could had blue Hawaiian punch or blue koolaid, pineapple juice and sprite with frozen blue punch/koolaid ice cubes!

Add a few balloons and streamers and you have a great party any Frozen fan will love! 

You can take it a step further and make 
rock candy:

Or other ideas:

coloring pages: 224f04a20f7fddb420cf8c6e12095f60
Or google

crowns or antlers:

Just check google & Pinterest and go crazy!:) 

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