Wednesday, January 22, 2014

New Site!

Just wanted to share an awesome new site I discovered!! They have awesome electronics, bed & bath stuff, clothes, jewelry, etc.! They have awesome daily deals and about every other day they run free shipping! And not only that, they have an AWESOME referral program! If you refer someone THEY get $10 credit PLUS YOU get $10 credit! YA! And they have TONS of things at, under, or around $10 so just use your credit when they have free shipping and you could get alot of stuff free! I've already gotten $20 off and scored a Android tablet and some headphones for a STEAL! I could have just gotten some free stuff, but I wanted to get some bigger items so I just got even BETTER deals instead of completely free. But that was completely my choice:)
Now, here's how it works! You can't get credit unless you use my referral link:

It's called

and your credit only lasts so long so be sure and look under your credits to see when it expires so you don't miss out! At this very moment they are running a free shipping for the next 3 hours and they do this quite frequently! So hurry! What are you waiting for!!:) 

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