Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Canning Jar Trick

You know when you take out that amazing jar of jam or other delicious canned item and then put the ring with the lid back on and the next time you get it out it sticks to the jar and you have to try and pry it off!? Yaaaa, not my favorite thing either! I always make a big mess!:p 
Well, my mother in-law shared a great tip to keep the lid from sticking/sealing shut!
It's as simple as flipping the lid upside down! 

Now why didn't I think of that!? 
When I took her jam out to use it I just thought someone made a mistake, but was informed that is was a brilliant way to save me a LOT of cursing because I flipped jam all over! (Admit it! You've done it before!) :) 

So there you have it! Flip the lid once you've opened your canned items and save yourself some frustration!:)

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