Monday, April 23, 2012

Rag Quilt/Rug Tutorial

I have mentioned before how brilliant my Mother is! She recently got featured on someone's blog for this tutorial and I thought I should at least feature my own Mother for heaven's sake! Anyway, my Mom is an awesome Quilter, organizer, cook, seamstress, etc. Usually I start a project and my mother ends up finishing it because I get too frustrated (I'm kind of a perfectionist). I design she sews:) I usually take all the pictures too. And I'm her computer tech if something goes wrong. Anyway, she's awesome! And this is her brilliant idea she came up with for a rag quilt/rug! It's so easy even someone like me, who didn't inherit my mothers sewing talent, can do easily! It's pretty hard to mess up. So here is just one of my mother's many talents:

By: Becky Groll 
 P.S. Those are my kiddos crawling all over the project! You will prob. see them in alot of pictures because they love to be in the middle of everything:)

Go check out all my mothers lovely ideas and projects over at I Dream of Quilting

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  1. I love these and the fact that it is so simple to do. Mom's always do know the tricks to making things simple for the rest of us.