Monday, March 26, 2012

The Safety Kids:)

I just thought for my first post I would share with you some of the ways I make our little world a kid friendly world. And show you how much of a death trap my house prob. is at this current moment. I mean, come on, more than one plug in a room would be nice people!

If you walk into a house that has children you may notice a few of these characteristics I am showing you. We all have at least one or two of these and they can be difficult to hide sometimes. That's what closets are for right? No, I will not be showing you the coat doesn't have a whole lot of coats going on right now...

 These are my two adorable little girls! But that's not why I put this picture on here.
Notice the bundle of cords in the right hand corner. Ya, my house is a fire hazard people! Thanks to the fact that all the plugs are in the worst spots and we have a zillion electronic devices. Yaa....I'm working on decluttering and getting rid of a lot of STUFF. Anyway, these are examples of how horrible I am at child proofing:/ Or rather of how small our place is right now and how all daddies things ended up in our daughters room. You do what you have to I guess.

 Above: This shows how I let me children play with things I prob. shouldn't let them just to "keep peace"
 Above was an unedited look at my book shelves. Notice how everything is either sealed or up high? There used to be books on the shelf really. We are moving soon so I packed most of them already. So in there place is daddies school stuff and anything and everything I pick up or take away from my children in order to "child proof" our home. Notice the following:
1) Children's cooks and toys on lower shelves
2)Containers which are an effort to conceal or hide messes
3)How high the important things are that I don't want the kids reaching.
4) The toys which are there to distract them from wanting to touch the things they aren't suppose to
 Above is a genius example of organizing and decorating when you have little ones. The drawers conceal things that I don't want all over and things are somewhat high to where they can't be reached.

 Lock on water in fridge door so little hands don't make a pond on the kitchen floor.
 Okay, above is the genius of my husbands grandmother. She puts yard sticks in her drawers so the little ones can't open them! It has come in very handy let me tell you!

Below is the classic example of child proofing craftiness!

 Above: Notice the concealing containers on lower shelf, and "no-nos" on upper shelves. Also notice my awesome cabinet which both conceals, stores and locks:)
And Below is my awesome example of how I hide the toys in my living room. Walmart baby! Also note the baby bouncer (sanity tool) and princess couch in photo:)

And I would be here all night if I showed you my entire house of child proofing madness but I figured this is all the reality you needed to see today:) So bask in the fact that you are not alone in your attempts to child proof your home in whatever ways you can!
And just so you know I am also showing you these photos to show you that I am in no way what so ever perfect at organizing, cleaning, child proofing, or parenting! If you are a super mom and can somehow manage to keep things clean, tidy, organized and all around sane in your home then you are my hero! And this blog is prob. about you and not me:) So sit back and relax my friends because this is going to be a ride to remember! 
By the way it's 11:28 PM and my youngest still wakes up a few times a night so I am also cutting this short because every minute she is asleep means another min I loose of sleep:/ 

P.S. If you know who the Safety Kids are you are awesome!;)

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