Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Activities in Rexburg, ID

There is ALWAYS something going on here in little ol' Rexburg, Idaho. At least between 8am and 11pm. But for some reason it's difficult to find out what's going on when and where at online. So I thought I would add things that are going on here in our little community when I can.
Sense Easter is coming up there is ALOT going on around town. Here is a list of things going on in April 2012
At the Quick Ship&Copy (20 West 1st South in Rexburg by Little Caesars Pizza) they have a poster that says the following:
Easter Coloring Contest
Enter to win an Easter Basket full of Candy!

March 6th-April 6th
Age Groups:
1-3, 4-6, 7-9, 10-12

Winners will be announced April 6th at noon.
Do not have to be present to win

I'm pretty sure you get the coloring page from Quick Ship & Copy but I'm not positive. You'll have to go in and find out:) If anyone knows leave me a comment please.

They also have tons of other posters on the window showing lots of things going on such as:
The Community Easter Egg Hunt!
It is Saturday, April 7th @ 10:00AM at Porter Park (which is across from Jimmy Johns on S. 2nd W./W. 2nd S.)

I went to the city of Rexburg website and they don't show like anything! So I'm adding a few things on here to keep everyone informed.
If you want to see maps, permit stuff, where the parks are, and a few other things the website is

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