Thursday, June 11, 2015

Baby Headbands

I went to find a cute headband for our newborn baby girl and realized that the ones I made for the last baby had gone through alot& seen better days. So I decided to make some more! Here are the final pictures. Ill be posting tutorials soon!

These are super easy and don't really need a tutorial but ya. I buy the knee highs at Walmart that come in those little plastic balls that look like toy machine balls. They are under $1 and I can make quite a few newborn headbands out of just 1. These shown here you just cut the toe part& top part off the knee high and just tie the ends together and you're done. Of course wrapping around babies head to measure how big you need it, allowing room to tie it. You can cut the knee high length wise also to make them "stretch" further.

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