Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Pikle copy cat cover

 So have you seen those cool In A Pikle bag things lately? They are super cool! But the cases are just not in my price range :S
I wanted to give a couple as gifts for Christmas so here's what I did.
I bought the pouch inserts and made my own cases! They now have a larger one I'd like to make as well for myself. I've seen where people have made similar things and used zip lock bags and just sewed them in the center. I did that with my test one only I still used the snaps to snap the bags in. I sewed several bags together then cut a hole where the snaps are. It works fine but just didn't look as nice. And the bags aren't as durable. I also thought of using clear zipper pouches and just punching holes in them which would work too. I could even sew I line only both sides of the holes so things don't slip out. I just haven't gathered enough pouches and its much cheaper to just buy the pikle inserts!
 Above: possible pouch option
Below: The Pikle inserts

 Above: My first version of the case (VERY rough!) I had the zip lock bags in there before but I forgot to take a picture!

Below: Another possible insert option for a bigger case

So here are my final, finished ones I did to fit the inserts. I didn't want much bulk and I put a little pocket on the outside,elastic on inside, found some stain remover pens at the dollar tree, put some band aids and such in there and wahla! Of course my idea wouldn't have been reality without my mothers sewing abilities so thanks mom for makingy vision a reality!
The inserts cost about $5 for 4 inserts so I got 2 sets and put 2 inserts in each which gives them at least 4 zipper pouches and I had leftovers to make one for myself :D

Anyway, I didn't sell these (and won't) but you could maybe do the same and have something custom to fit your needs! Enjoy!

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