Wednesday, November 5, 2014

DIY Pumpkin Treat Bag

I love this time of year! Sweaters, apples, hay rides, pumpkin patches, fresh squash, colorful leaves, lightning storms,pumpkin carving, treat-or-treating,etc.
I'm more into the cute fall/autumn part rather than the scary part:) So when we go treat-or-treating we have cute bags & costumes instead of scary ones.
My Mother is the genius behind this bag! She made one for each of us as kids and now for my kids (her grandkids)! Mine has cute heart cheeks too so she made all my girls the same. So adorable! The pattern was from some random old book about 30 years ago and she's changed and adapted it into what it is here. I know I'm a little late posting this so you'll have tons of time to do yours for next year!

Here's the how to for these cute pumpkins!

Materials Needed:
--1/2 yard of outside fabric of choice 
(Usually orange but you can do any color or pattern your heart desires)

--1/2 yard of inside lining fabric 
 (I usually use black of some kind but I've also used orange. Totally your choice)

--1/2 yard of batting (any weight/thickness you want)

--Green (or color of choice) fabric strip 3" x 18"--used for handle--Could also use rope, ribbon,etc. But for this tutorial we made it.
Just fold long ways, right sides together, and sew along long edge, then turn right side out and stuff with stuffing.

---Small amount of stuffing

--square scrap for pumpkin stem in color of choice

--Stiff Interfacing. This is used for base circle & Lid. Its completely optional. Its used to help keep that pumpkin a little stiffer so it stands up better. 

--Spray adhesive optionial, but makes things easier when you go to sew everything together. Keeps the batting from slipping around.

--Sewing Scissors

--Pumpkin Pattern--Download
It HERE print it, cut pieces out. 
Some of the pieces go right up to the edge of the paper. Just round or go straight where needed.
Print the first page as a test page. If the 1 in square isn't 1 inch square when printed out, adjust your printer settings. Cut out as many pieces as it shows on the pattern piece.

I traced my pattern onto parchment paper so it would last for years to come. You can use white butcher paper or just the paper you print it on. Whatever you choose.

There are 2 face options included in this pattern. You only need to choose one to cut out. The "boy" one shown above has the face drawn on 2 pieces and the other "girl" one is on one piece and has cute little hearts. You will have 8 pieces of outside, 8 of inside lining and 8 of batting pieces (plus other pieces like the bottom,lid,and smaller pieces).So make sure you aren't cutting too many pieces!

Spray back of each orange piece with spray adhesive and stick the corresponding batting to it.

Here are a couple other options

Possibilities are endless on the face and pumpkin colors! You could do a Minecraft face on green fabric?! Or do a pink one with a cute face and a tutu on it. Whatever your creative mind comes up with!

 Draw your pumpkin face, in pencil, however and where ever you want. The possibilities are endless.
Or just use one of the 2 options provided in the pattern.
You will decorate and fill in the face part later. Doing the pencil marks now just help you to keep the pumpkin the right direction when sewing.

Keep going all the way around.

Pin the "bottom" outside piece to the bottom of the bag

Sew on the bottom

Turn right side out

Now do the same as you did for the "outside" orange pieces only for the inside.
Only this time you will sew them to the point. Right sides together like shown.

See, to the "point"

All the way around
Turn right side out and poke the seams so they are smooth.
Then turn inside out again.

Put orange (outside) part inside of the inside out black (inside) piece. Right sides together
Pen together around the rim and sew around edge
 LEAVING A WHOLE TO TURN RIGHT SIDE OUT WHEN DONE(about the length of one "panel"

Turn right side out

Hand sew where you turned the pumpkin right side out.
(you could also use the sewing machine and sew all the way around the rim if you want to)

Now work on all the outside pieces. (finishing touches)
You  could do these first if you wanted to. Makes no difference.
NOTE: There isn't a pattern for the handle. Just go by the measurements in the materials section or cut a piece of ribbon or rope how ever long you want it to be.

Put your lid together like shown
right side together again!

Sew around the edge of lid
Clip edges
Turn right side out
Fold opening in and iron to help keep shut when sewing shut.

Hand sew opening closed or sew all the way around rim.

Add ric-rac, lave plain, whatever.
Stem measurements in material section.
Again, just do it how you want.

 Embroider the pumpkin face you drew on at the beginning. You could also use markers, fabric paint, felt,etc to make the face.
 Sew on a cute button nose, draw the nose with marker, glue on a felt nose or leave it with no nose!

 All done!

I stuff ours with newspaper and put all over the house as decoration until Halloween night! Fall decor and treat bag all in one!

I'd LOVE to see your finished pumpkins! Please send me a picture of your pumpkin creations!

This pattern is not to be used for resale! It is for personal use ONLY! Please respect this!

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