Sunday, August 10, 2014

Quiet Book

So my super talented sister in-law showed me a quiet book she was making for her girls. And I've been trying to get up the courage to do some for my girls, so I figured I would just do it! My pages aren't half as fancy or nice as hers,  but they were super quick, easy and my girls will love them!
Here's what I have so far.

Hello Kitty Felt Quiet Book Page with interchangeable bows.
I will make different colored bows for this one. I got the kitty pattern from Pinterest. Just search "Hello Kitty Pattern"
I finished making all the bows sparkle:)
UPDATE: HERE ARE ALL THE FINISHED PAGES! I think next one I'll try all cotton fabric.

 Showing the cover finished without rings.
 I decided to put a clip on the end because my magnets were so strong and it teaches more fine motor skills.

 I was going to do one big handle but it pulled the sides in too much. So I broke it up a little.

 I added a clear pencil pouch for supplies, notepad, or you could put a piece of paper in it and let them draw on the outside with dry erase markers. These were 47¢ at Walmart. They had lots of colors.
 This is without the handle. You don't have to put one on really. Or you could put it on a different side.
 I just used Velcro for my closure. You could use ribbon or whatever.

Flowers with button holes to help teach them how to do buttons and a Velcro sun.

Apple Tree Page with Velcro apples numbered 1-10. No pattern I just cut away or drew on the felt and cut it out. Then hot glued everything.

This one isn't finished yet. It will have blue "water" with magnets behind it and a "pole" to catch the fish with a metal clip on the end. The fish have magnets on the back. 
Here's my fish one that just needs finishing touches! Hey! Maybe I should cut out a whale and a little Jonah! 

Lds Temple Felt Quiet Book Page

So this one I had to kind of wing. And I was going to leave it open on the inside so you could put the people inside the Temple but it was late and I wasn't thinking and glued the whole thing down. Oh well:/ At least the doors open and they are finger puppets which is cool. Still would have been awesome. I might add some flowers but ya, not too shabby for making it up as I went! Maybe I'll make another one and do it right;)
Update! I fixed the problem! I just cut a hole and I'll put a different piece of felt on the back. 

I will be doing one with a zipper and one with a shoe, one with cupcakes, one with strings with beads (10 strings, 1-10 beads on each for counting),a snowman one, and if I get really ambitious one with a face or potato head. We will see what else I end up doing!:) These were so easy and fun! 
Maybe I will even do a car track, a maze... I'll prob end up with 2 books!:) 

Update! Here's more pictures and pages!
I wanted to do more than just 1 cone so I made bowls as well and they kind of look like cupcakes too so they can pretend it's either!:) the purple background is actually the pocket that holds all the pieces! And instead of messing with Velcro I just made it more like a felt board where the ice cream parts can be moved around wherever. The cone bases are hot glued on though. The pocket is hot glued on too btw:) 

I will be working on my tithing one and my bead counting one today during naps!:) 
And here they are!
Tithing Quiet Book Page
The envelope is a pocket and there's an opening in the piggy bank for the money. So they can take the money from their piggy bank and put it in the envelope. 
This one& the Temple one are my favorite I think:) 

And my finished bead counting one!

UPDATE: Here's my cover (not finished yet)

 And the other bead counting one with the grommets finished on it

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