Sunday, January 13, 2013

Car Seat Cover Redo

Car Seat Cover

This featured project is by Becky Groll over at I Dream of Quilting 

She totally redid my car seat cover for me! She did a fabulous job! She makes everything look so easy;) I helped take some of it apart but the rest was all her! This is what she said: 

"My big accomplishment for the month of August has been to take apart a car seat cover and put in some new fabric.  The backing is new also.  It needed washed and when we did so, the backing was starting to fall apart.  I put a light green flannel on the back, so when we have to wash it again it will stay together (I hope).  This is not a difficult project.  Start to finish, it takes a couple of hours, but not hard.  The only part that is all new on the top of this is the polka-dot fabric."

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