Saturday, October 13, 2012

Natural Homemade Wipes!

I recently discovered how AMAZING Essential Oils are! I've been looking for a great, all natural baby wipes option that doesn't have rubbing alcohol or other things that can cause diaper rash and other things for my little girls (they are so sensitive!). Now, I have seen some with baby bath wash as an ingredient and I could use the Jordan Essentials baby bath wash and that would work, but I do like the oils because it does end up being a bit cheaper in the long run. 
Now, I got this recipe from the doTerra Essential Oils magazine so they use there oils, but I'm sure it would be ok to use other kinds of essential oils. I find that they are the best quality, 100% pure essential oils so that's what I use. 

So here is the baby wipes recipe I use:


1 roll of premium paper towels (I used Viva)
2 cups warm water
2 tablespoons of fractionated coconut oil
 (I just used Coconut oil from the grocery store. You can get it online, doTerra has it, you can get it all over the place. Just make sure it's room temp or even a little soft/melted is alright because you want it to dissolve in the water)
3 drops lavender oil
3 drops melaleuca oil
 An airtight storage container.  
I used an empty baby wipe container. 

Cut paper towels in half lengthwise with a serrated or electric knife. Use half the roll now, and half later.
Pour the mixture over the paper towels and then cover with the airtight lid letting the mixture absorb for 10 minutes. Turn the container over and let it sit for another 10 minutes (I just turned over the roll in the wipes container). Remove and discard the cardboard middle, and then when ready to use pull wipes
 from the center.

If you want to make sanitizing wipes just put the following ingredients instead of the above essential oils. 

Sanitizing Wipes Blend:

 3 drops doTerra On Guard
3 drops lemon essential oil

Use them on any surface to clean and sanitize without worrying about harmful chemicals! Can even use them to clean sticky hands!

And now you are one step closer to making your home chemical/toxin free!

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