Monday, August 20, 2012

My Travel Solutions!

I know I'm a bit behind on this post so I'll make it quick!

I LOVE my Thirty-one bags! Not only were they a life saver this past couple weeks while we were in L.A. but they were incredible for our family camping trip! 

I can't say enough about my Large Utility Totes! I think I need like 10 to cover all the things I use them for! On our trip to L.A. it was SO HELPFUL to carry all our snacks in the car and to haul groceries to the hotel room AND I flatted one and stuck it in the trunk and used it to put our dirty laundry in at the hotel & to take it to the laundry facilities when the time came. Camping we used them to hold pans, paper goods, cooking supplies, spices, etc. SO MANY uses let me tell ya!

Then the Market Thermal Tote I used as a cooler in the car on our many road trips and the Picnic Thermal when I just needed a lunch for a day trip to the beach. While camping we used the Market Thermal to hold food and Picnic Thermal for our lunch on the beach & fruits. 

 These pictures are a bit of a mess so forgive me:)
The above photo is my Organizing Utility Tote with my All-in-one Organizer and my Large Zipper Pouch inside! This is my diaper bag (messy at the moment). This is another one I can't live without! Although, they are coming out with a new one in Sept that is this one only BIGGER and with a zipper closure! Um, ya, I have to have it! (It's appropriately called the Super Organizing Tote)(:
The All-in-one Organizer is the lime green/grey dot one (Minty Chip). It has a notepad in it with all my lists and to do lists on it as well as a couple pockets to put my business cards, calendar, coupons, pen, etc. in. It's super great! My Large Zipper Pouch I keep diapers, mat, wipes, hand sanitizer, sunscreen, business cards,etc. in! It's my grab and go changing bag. It has a nice vinyl lining so you could put snacks or wet clothes in it with no problem.They also have a small one that is perfect for your grab and go personal care products!
 Above: In this one you can see the Expand-a-tote Day Extender with the yellow flower clip (The black and white one in the back) I used it to put me & my girls clothes in as well as my shower things (which are in the blue Little Carry-All Caddy in the front)! The Little Carry-All Caddy was very handy to go to and from the bathroom! We also have Cosmetic Bags!
 Above: This is my Cinch Sac in Happy Dots! I use this to hold toys & entertainment things for my girls when we are on trips! It works like a dream!
 These show my other Organizing Utility Tote in Lotsa Dots that I used on our trips as a diaper caddy. It was awesome!

 And can't forget the URU Thermal Tote! Which I used to hold bottles and sippy's in the car and at night. Alot of people use them for lunch bags though. It's AWESOME!
 And a couple pictures of our camp site. Note my little girl showing off for the camera:)

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  1. Do you think you have enough of those bags? I thought I had a few too many! But they are worth every bit of their cost! I was introduced to them from a travel buddy that I met through a travel social network that I got involved with. I use them as reusable bags for everything!