Wednesday, April 15, 2015

7 Free Frozen Potty Progress Chart Printables!

Recently I did a Frozen Potty Progress Chart for my 3 yr old.
(click on link or picture below to print it)

It was only for 1 sticker a day if she had no accidents. 
This works OK but she needed a little more to show for it so I created this chart to go with it so she gets a sticker every time she goes! 
Then if she's dry all day she gets one on her other chart too! We will see if this works better for her!

As always please respect that these printbales are created for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Please do not use these for commercial use or resale. Please do not take create for my work. If you would like to share them on your blog or other media please link back to this post so I can get appropriate create for the work.  I have used clipart from and I would like to give special created to them for all the clipart. Thank you for offering these! As such please respect their clipart and not abuse them! Thanks!

Free Printable!
Frozen Potty Progress Charts
(I went a little crazy with the charts! Enjoy!)

 I included a "boy" version too! I have 3 (almost 4) girls so I sometimes forget about those sweet little boys out there!:)

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