Wednesday, March 25, 2015

FREE Frozen Potty Chart

Click on the picture above to download and print this pdf!:)

All you need is this printable and some stickers or a marker! 
You could also laminate it or slip into a dust cover so you can reuse it for years to come!

This potty chart is for my 3 year old that knows HOW to go, but needs a little motivation.
You can use it in a few different ways. 
You can say once it's filled they get one big prize (I'm doing gymnastic lessons as a "prize" because that's what she really wants and she needs to be potty trained completely to go!). 
OR you could say after each week or day of being dry they get a sticker and a small prize like a candy or special prize. 
OR you can give a sticker for each day they go at least once in the potty (for beginners). 
OR really however you want!:)
Like I said, I made it for my older daughter who had to go all day without accidents to get a sticker and at the bottom she gets bonus stickers for being dry at night. I'll prob. make a different chart for night time training once she gets better at listening to her body in the day time. 

This printable was made for personal use only. Please do not copy or print any part of this printable for commercial sale or use! I love to share my printable's with everyone,but if you post on your blog, etc. please just make sure there is a link back to this post/blog. Thank you! You guys are awesome!

If you have any suggestions please feel free to comment and share below! 

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